Weekend in Florence, 20x20cm (8″x8″) Oil on canvas


Original oil painting on board (unframed)



An original Oil painting on board.

This piece is built up in many transparent layers of oil paint. Each layer has to be left to dry for at least one day between layers. This enables creating colours that are richer than would be possible by simply mixing paint on the palette. Each layer remains pure, resulting in an interaction of bright, clear colours that can be fascinating to the eye, in which each layer contributes to the total visible effect.

Please note I use the highest quality artist oil paints and materials.

Theme: Semi-Abstract, impresssionism, contemporary art.
Colours:Blue, Yellow, Orange, pink, maroon
Quality: high quality non fading materials.
Packaging: Cardboard box or wooden box, stable and safe.

All of my paintings are original and one of a kind.

If you have any further questions about the artwork, or
if you want more photo´s, please don´t hesitate to ask.

Any duties, fees, etc on international orders are paid by the purchaser of the art.


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